Monday, December 31, 2007

...oDe To 2007...

...oDe To 2007…

the year has been nothing short
of the biggest rollercoaster ive ever been on
ive been in situations that range from
gigantic clusterfucks to absolute bliss
nevertheless im lucky to have people in my life
that i can depend on and grow with
so for the upcoming year im hopin for
less clusterfucks & more bliss…

...2007 ~~~ wRaPpEd Up...

bIgGeSt MoMeNtS: successfully competing my 1st counseling internship & doing so well that they offered me a job, celebrating another year with the love of my life
bIgGeSt ReGrEtS: lost friendships
tRaVeLeD: chicago, watertown, buffalo
pLaNs FoR 2008: graduate from grad school with my masters in mental health counseling, get married, start house hunting to purchase my 1st home, BUY A NEW CAR!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2007 2007

1-Did you kiss anyone? yup

2-Did you date anyone? yup

3-Are you going to kiss someone when the ball drops? yup

4-Did you lose any friends? yes

5-Did you gain any friends? sure

6-Did you do something new? probably

7-Did anyone important to you die? no

8-Did you change? i experienced changes

9- Are you happy with the year overall? i suppose

10-Whats the best thing that happened to you? one of the best things was getting a 100% on my psychopharmology final exam (thats hard to do in grad school)

11-Did you fall in or out of love? i fell in love with my future hubby all over again constantly throughout the year

12-Are you happy the years almost over? yes!!!!!!!!!! ~ big things are coming in 2008!

13-Are you going to change something about yourself next year? things will definitely change next year

14-Do you think 2008 will be a better year then 2007? it has to be ~ there's too many great things in the works
15-Did you lose your virginity in 2007? it's been missing for a while now

16- What did you screw up in 2007? nothing major...ive done worse

17-Did you go to an amusement park? no too busy

18-Did you go to a concert? same as Q17

19-Did you go to any parties? a few

20-Did you go on a summer vacation? no but i did go on a few weekend trips

21-Did you lie to your parents? no, haven't had to do that since i moved out of their place

22-Are you enjoying your relationship? most of the time (hey, nothings perfect)

23-Did you leave the country? no

24-Did you have a good birthday? probably the same quality of birthdays that ive had for the past few years

25-Did anyone in your family get married? no, not in my family but a few friends did

26-Do you think you grew up? absolutely

27-Did you dye your hair? yes

28-Would you kiss the last person you kissed? i'd have to say yes, since i'm plannin to kiss him for the rest of my life

29-Did anyone sing to you? was cute, very comical but cute

30-Did you sing to anyone? yup, including a bar with about 20 ppl in it....i sang the national anthem thanks to a bet from a friend

31-Did anyone tell you they loved you? my family, a few friends and my soon-to-be-hubby

32-Did you ever go to the hospital? no

33-What did you drink and eat the most? tacos, cuz they're my fav food & probably sprite or beer

34-Did you change your top 8 friend on myspace at least 8 times? no

35-Did you change your myspace profile over 10 times? no

36-Did you change your myspace default pic at least 20 times? no

37-Did you get a tattoo? no

38-Did you vote? yes

39-Are you going to make a new years resolution? yes

40-Did you stick to your new years resolution from last year? not entirely

41. Think you'll date someone in 2008? yes

42. Where will you be when the ball drops? at some bar

43. Do you think you will make new friends in 2008? i hope so

44. Are you hoping to meet someone special in 2008? nope, i'm covered in that area

45. How do you feel, another year has passed you by? i wish i'd made a few decisions differently, but i think i'll do better in 08'

46. Learn anything important about someone? Yes

47. How old will you be next year? 24

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

...mErRy ChRiStMaS...

and so this is christmas...

for some unknown reason
this holiday season just
doesn't seem to add up
i have family & friends all around me
but ive never felt so alone
maybe it has somethin to do with
the fact that one of my really great friends
called me this morning to wish me a merry
christmas and then profess his love for me
i was absolutely not expecting that
i cant talk to my fiance b/c he will just get
angry that this friend "pursued" me & i will get no where fast...
i am upset with this friend b/c now we are no longer goin to be able to
talk...i cant have him makin me feel uncomfortable and pissin off my fiance
by bein all weird everytime we hang out-why do things have to be so complicated
just once id like to have a normal holiday (no drama) but whos to say whats normal anyway...

Sunday, December 23, 2007


i wish i could shed away all my pain through tears
release…a new found sense of freedom
to separate the hurt, shame…the sting of
no one ever said love would be this hard
2 feel so strongly for another
bound by the pulls of society
this way & that; that way & this
the throbbing grows ever steadily to the brink of explosion
the only sense of escape
y cant i

Thursday, December 20, 2007


2 me
surrender urself
and i ... will in turn
the same
by the magnetic attraction to

relinquish me
~ as i have u…